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WORLDteen - Fire up their imagination, fuel their faith

As parents, we want to empower our children to be faithful thinkers and wise explorers - to wonder and to wonder why - in a safe and engaging way. With the continuing rise of tablets and smartphones, the capacity to help feed their hungry minds is greater than ever.

So to promote God-centered thinking during such a formative stage, WORLDTeen is launching a whole new digital component to reach the hearts, minds and thumbs of teens everywhere. With the new WORLDteen, you can expect:

  • Daily online content cool enough for teens to share
  • Intriguing topics that develop discernment and apply faith
  • Smartphone and tablet compatible content that goes where your teen goes
  • Accompanying magazines that reinforce the big picture with long-lasting stories (five bimonthly issues, delivered September through June)

Click here to download a demo of the new magazine coming this fall!