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Good news for high schoolers!

Trak is the high school level of God's World News content, designed to sharpen students' biblical worldview in preparation for college and career. Consistent with all of our publications, Trak emphasizes News, Knowledge, and Wisdom, but with a distinctive style and voice that appeals to young adults who are transitioning to a new life stage. Trak is intended as a bridge to WORLD magazine for adults: something to read, ponder and discuss. We encourage students to write to the editor in response to articles and news stories, giving students real-life practice in essay, editorial and letter writing.

  • In-depth feature stories convey high-visibility developments in a teen-friendly style.
  • Editorials stimulate critical thinking skills.
  • Economics, technology, and other must-know subjects are translated through relevant, interesting stories.
  • Info Graphics illustrate and convey important news concepts.
  • Safe coverage of cultural events and personalities exposes students to appropriate, yet timely trends and events.
  • Student website access at teen.wng.org keeps high schoolers in the know about important news stories.

Each subscription includes

  • Student website access at teen.wng.org.
  • No charge for regular shipping and handling! (1st class delivery available at additional charge.)