View fileMercury Messenger’s Long Trip


View fileLooking at Islam
Basic facts on Islamic faith and a Christian perspective. Map of majority Muslim nations.
View file FREEWhere Jesus Walked
Map and insets track the travels of Jesus in the holy land.


View file FREEBig Talk Animals (High Speed)
Braggers in the animal kingdom, but it's all true. This version is for high speed internet users.
View file FREEBig Talk Animals (Low Speed)
Braggers in the animal kingdom, but it's all true. This version is for dial up internet users.
View file FREEBusy Flu Busters-Making Vaccine
How flu vaccine is made.
View fileCloning Cows
Basic process of nuclear transfer cloning.
View fileHeart Pump Help
Cutaway showing major parts of the human heart, blood flow, and how one type of heart assist device is implanted.
View fileSmell
Cutaway and explanation of how the body senses smell.
View file FREEThe Malaria Cycle
From mosquito to human and back to mosquito, how malaria spreads and affects the human body.
View fileToad
All about the family "Bufonidae".


View fileBallooning
God's World News senior editor, Norm Bomer, finds out that what goes up sometimes comes down a little harder than expected when he hitches a ride at a ballooning festival.


View fileDead and Drying
How engineers in the Middle East are trying to keep the Dead Sea from drying up.


View fileCounting the Cost—War Dead
Illustrated statistics comparing the military deaths of America’s major conflicts.
View fileMayflower Cutaway
Explore the Mayflower. Zoom in, pan around, and learn from this detailed cutaway illustration of the historic ship.


View fileSigning the Alphabet
Learn to hand sign the alphabet.

Natural Disasters

View file FREEA Hurricane for You
How a hurricane forms, history of naming hurricanes, list of future year’s names.
View fileHurricane
Cutaway showing important parts of a hurricane and describing how hurricanes form.
View fileLadder Fires
How normal fires become wildfires in overgrown forests.
View fileTragedy or the Hand of God?—Fire Recovery
God designed fire to be a natural part of keeping the forest healthy.
View fileTsunami
How a tidal wave begins and grows.


View fileButterfly Life Cycle
A simple graphic description of the butterfly life cycle.
View fileClean Cats—Catalytic Converters
Basic workings of an overlooked and under-appreciated invention.
View fileCopy Cat Fish
“God thought of it first.” Several examples of inventions that are based on the anatomy and physiology of fish.
View fileGas Up
Many factors that contribute to the cost of gasoline, from discovery to gas station.
View fileGlow Critters
Creatures with their own lighting systems glow and flash in the dark.
View fileGlow Critters PDF Version
PDF File for users who are unable to view the interactive version of this graphic.
View fileNew York Subway
Major subway workings are shown.
View fileSolar Cells
Simple cutaway and explanation of a solar cell.
View fileSubmarine Argyroneta—swimming spider
God’s amazing creatures, a spider that fills it’s underwater nest with air.
View file FREESweet! Corn for Cars--Ethanol
Process of turning corn into ethanol fuel.
View fileWhining Dive Bomber—Mosquitoes
Even pests like mosquitoes have a purpose in God’s creation.