Write with WORLD, Middle School writing curriculum from God's World News and WORLD Magazine

Good news for kids!

Top Story is the middle school level of God's World News packages, designed to help teach a biblical worldview. Consistent with all of our publications, Top Story emphasizes News, Knowledge, and Wisdom, focusing on specific skill development for older students.

  • Editorials help teach critical thinking skills.
  • Lessons in the magazine and online use news stories as a springboard to teach concepts from Civics, Geography, Economics, Worldview and more.
  • MAP-IT! Locator maps correspond with a full-sized (20" x 30") world map sent in September to each class, homeschool teacher, and homeschool group coordinator (five maps sent to homeschool groups).
  • News graphics simplify otherwise challenging concepts.
  • DEFINE LINE teaches word meanings in context.
  • Quizzes test reading comprehension.
  • Age-appropriate website content expands the student's experience and exposure to current news stories and thoughtful editorial cartoons at teen.wng.org.

Each subscription includes

  • Student website access at teen.wng.org.
  • Weekly email newsletter for parents and teachers, including answer keys to the magazine quizzes and puzzles.
  • Biographies and topical lessons to download and print, with quizzes and answer keys.
  • No charge for regular shipping and handling! (1st class delivery available at additional charge.)