Mission & Doctrine

God's World News will provide news and interesting information for children - biblically, appropriately, and vibrantly - so they can grow in their understanding that God has the whole world in His hands.

God's World Publications Mission Statement

The purpose of God's World Publications Inc. is to produce and provide news publications, books, and other materials and services in various media for Christians of all ages and in a variety of church and educational settings. The goal of all our products and services is to assist in developing a biblical worldview for all aspects of life, consistent with our organization's doctrinal statement.

God's World Publications Doctrinal Statement

1. God exists eternally in three persons, the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. He is the sovereign Creator of the heavens and the earth and everything that is in them. He also sovereignly governs all His creatures and all their actions after the counsels of His own will.

2. God communicates with mankind through the revelation of Himself. Without His initiative, human beings would never know Him. In His creation, God reveals His eternal power and dominion. In Jesus Christ, His Son, who was born of a virgin and who was and is fully God and fully man, He uniquely revealed Himself and his providence. Today, God is known in His written Word, the Bible, which is the inerrant and altogether authoritative revelation of Himself for us in all matters. The Holy Spirit applies that word and opens our eyes to its meaning, even as He opens our hearts to its application.

3. Mankind, having been first created in the image of God, fell from that happy condition by sinning against God. All human beings since Adam and Eve have inherited their sinful natures, corrupting our behavior, our understanding, and our emotions.

4. God, through the sacrificial death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, has lovingly redeemed a people who are commanded to believe in Him and to live holy lives through the enablement of the Holy Spirit. After Christ's bodily return to this earth to claim His people, they will reign with Him in the life to come. Those who do not believe will be judged by God and made subject to his eternal punishment.

In our publishing task, we seek to be faithful to those truths as we explore the great themes of the Bible, God's creation, man's fall, and Christ's redemption, as the structural framework of a uniquely Christian world and life view.

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