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Introducing the new God's Big WORLD, WORLDkids & WORLDteen

For years, God's Big World, Early Edition, News Flash, News Current, Trak and Top Story have assisted young people in developing an informed Christian perspective by providing engaging and thought-provoking stories that fire up their imaginations and fuel their faith.

In our ongoing desire to challenge their minds, a familiar saying keeps running through ours - the only thing constant in life is change. And things are changing - in magnificent ways. All of us are able to tap into new resources in ways we never imagined.

Launching Fall of 2014 are WORLD News Group's new and relevant way to connect your young people with understanding God's world on the devices that they use. We've spent the past two years crafting the new God's Big WORLD, WORLDkids & WORLDteen, and we will be diligently working this summer to finalize its development. More details are to come, but you can rest assured we will still deliver the who, what, when, where and why that teens like - with the faith-based lessons you love.

To get all the current information and sign up for periodic updates in the upcoming months, please visit wng.org/godsbigworld, wng.org/worldkids & wng.org/worldteen where we will share with you our progress, and ultimately the unveiling.

New demo magazines are available by selecting one of the products below.

Learn more about our new products available this Fall!

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Teach writing with confidence, with the new middle-school curriculum from the publishers of God’s World News and WORLD magazine.

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