Teaching God's World News

Take advantage of any of these flexible teaching helps that are part of your God's World News service. Choose and use what works for you.

  1. Age-appropriate student websites at kids.wng.org and teen.wng.org provide fresh and fascinating content.
  2. Weekly email newsletter is your convenient source for quiz and puzzle answers plus the latest lessons and biographies. SIGN UP HERE.
  3. Parent/teacher website at gwnews.com provides archives of useful biographies and lessons on key concepts that students should know to be culturally literate, and to understand the culture from a biblical perspective.
  4. Use in-context teacher prompts in the printed magazines to read to younger students or explain more detail about the topic without any background work on your part.
  5. Map-It! geography poster sent in September and the corresponding maps in the magazines (except Trak) orient your students to the world and world events.

(Note: Trak magazine for high school students does not include the same teacher helps as the other editions. Instead, students and their parents/teachers select suitable topics for discussion on their own.)