Write with WORLD, Middle School writing curriculum from God's World News and WORLD Magazine

WORLDkids - Something for your child to discover

As parents, we want to empower our children to be faithful thinkers and wise explorers - to wonder and to wonder why - in a safe and engaging way. With the continuing rise of tablets and smartphones, the capacity to help feed their hungry minds is greater than ever.

To help your children dig deeper, we're encouraging them to click, tap and swipe their way to greater knowledge and understanding. With the new WORLDkids, you can anticipate:

  • Smartphone and tablet compatible content with brilliant color, sound, animation and video
  • A deep well of interactive games, maps, activities, quizzes, puzzles and more
  • Current events and daily news updates that are inspiring, not depressing
  • Essential educational topics disguised in fun categories: The Mud Room (earth science), Time Machine (history), Jet Balloon (geography) and more
  • Colorful magazines delivered bimonthly throughout the academic year to accompany the engaging digital content, offering your children an "unplugged" experience

Click here to view a demo of the new magazines coming this fall!